TDM Overview

What is Test Data Management?

Test data management (TDM), a sister function of Test Environment Management, is the construction of test data sets that reliably represents an organization’s actual data so that IT teams (developers and testers) can effectively exercise tests. Tests including Unit Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing.

Test Data Management Functions

TDM is a broad subject and covers many facets often including:

  • Test Data Requirements Gathering
  • Data Profiling / Discovery (understanding your Data)
  • Data Extraction (often from Production)
  • Data Transformation
    • Sub-setting
    • Masking / Privatization (Protecting customer PII)
  • Data Provisioning
  • Data Fabrication / Synthetics (creation from scratch)
  • DataOps (any data operation that will help orchestrate data activities e.g. export, import, snapshot)
  • Test Data Mining (finding Data for Testing)
  • Test Data Bookings (controlling who can use what data)
  • Test Data Reporting e.g. Compliance, Size, Usage, Performance etc

Test Data Management ensures

  • DevTest Productivity (through timely and fit-for-purpose data)
  • Quality Engineering (Effective Testing meaning less production defects)
  • Reduced Risk & Improved Compliance to Privacy / Security Regulations