The ROI of Test Environment Management

Ever wonder what your Test Environments really cost you.

As you evaluate the ROI of Test Environment Management (TEM), there are several factors to consider. One of the main benefits of effective TEM is improved software release quality, which can lead to cost savings by reducing defects, shortening testing cycles, and avoiding delays. Here are some examples of things to consider when assessing the ROI of TEM:

  1. Reduction in Infrastructure Costs: TEM can help reduce the hardware required to support testing by enabling better utilization of existing resources. By leveraging virtualization and containerization technologies, TEM can enable multiple test environments to run on a single physical server, reducing the need for additional hardware.
  2. Reduction in License Costs: Test environments often require licenses for software tools and applications. TEM can help cost optimize license usage by allowing teams to share licenses across environments, reducing the number of licenses required.
  3. Reduction in Service Costs: TEM can help reduce service costs associated with maintaining and supporting test environments. By automating routine tasks, such as environment setup and configuration, TEM can help reduce the time and effort required to manage test environments, freeing up resources for other tasks.
  4. Reduction in Headcount: By automating manual tasks, such as test environment setup and maintenance, TEM can help reduce the need for dedicated personnel to manage test environments. This can result in cost savings by reducing headcount and associated expenses.

Overall, the ROI of TEM can be significant, with cost savings resulting from improved quality, increased efficiency, and reduced resource requirements. When evaluating TEM solutions, it is important to consider the potential ROI and weigh the costs and benefits to determine the best approach for your organization.

Here is a great calculator released by the Enov8 group and made available to Test Environment Management (Dot) Com.

Based on industry standard figures sourced from the likes of Gartner, this brilliant online tool allows you to identify the potential benefits of reducing disruption costs across people, operations and your IT footprint and with organization typically spending over 50% of their IT Environment spend in Test, the results might surprise you.