Test Data Management Tools

Test Data Management Tools

There are many testing tools you can use to drive effective software delivery.

However, what about Test Data Management?

There are many different types of Test Data Management tools available, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

To choose the right tool for your needs, it is important to understand the different types of tools and what they can offer.

TDM Tool Categories

Below is a list of  TDM Tools Categories (or TDM Functions) that you would probably be looking to consider:

  • ETL Tools (Extract Transform & Load)

There are a few tools available to help with Test Data Management, the most common being ETL tools. ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load. These tools are used to extract data from one database and load it into another. They can also be used to transform data from one format to another.

  • Data Profiling Tools

When it comes to managing test data, the first step is understanding what type of data you have and what risks are associated with it. This process is called data profiling, and it helps you determine how best to manage/engineer your data.

  • Data Masking Tools

Organizations are looking for ways to protect their data, both in transit and at rest. Data masking is a process that helps to obfuscate data so that it cannot be read or understood by unauthorized individuals. There are various software tools available that can help with data masking, including Enov8 Test Data Manager, RedGate, CA (Broadcom) Test Data Manager, and Delphix.

  • Data Fabrication

Another important TDM tool is one that generates fake or synthetic data. This can be useful when real data is not available, or when it is not appropriate to use real data (for example, when testing confidential data). Synthetic data can be generated using algorithms, or it can be manually created.

  • Data Subsetting Tools

Data subsetting is the process of extracting a smaller sample from a larger population. This can be useful for simplifying and reducing the size of test data, making it more manageable and easier to work with.

  • Test Data Booking for Data Reservation & Contention Avoidance

Data contention can be a big problem when multiple testers are trying to access the same data set. To avoid this issue, some companies will use a tool to book or reserve data sets. This ensures that each tester has their own set of data to work with, and prevents any accidental overwrites or deletions.

Other TDM Tools

Other Tool considerations may include:

  • Data Access Management
  • Data Request / Approval Workflow
  • Data Cloning (aka Data Virtualization)
  • Data Mining for ease of access/finding data
  • Data Validation (continuously checking data is secure and compliant)

Top TDM tools to Review

There are many different test data management tools available on the market, each offering its own unique set of features and benefits. Here are six of the most powerful options currently available.

  • BMC Compuware File Aid is a tool that helps organizations manage and control their data. It provides users with the ability to see how their data is being used, as well as the ability to control and monitor access to it. Additionally, File Aid can help organizations manage their data more effectively by providing tools for managing storage, backups, and restores. File Aid is a recognised leader in the Mainframe space.
  • Broadcom Test Data Manager provides the capability to quickly locate, secure, design, create and provision ‘fit for purpose’ test data for the efficient, cost-effective test cycles needed to deliver applications faster. Broadcom TDM also offter Test Data Booking capability.
  • Delphix is a data management platform that helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Delphix’s core focus is virtualizing the data through Data Virtualization (aka Data Cloning) Methods and also offers methods for Data Protection through sensitive data masking.
  • Enov8 Test Data Manager is a Holistic Test Data Management platform that helps you identify where data security exposures reside, rapidly remediate these risks without error and centrally validate your compliance success. The Enov8 TDM solution also comes with IT delivery accelerators to support data fabrication, data cloning, data mining, and test data bookings.
  • IBM InfoSphere Optim solutions manage data from requirements to retirement. They boost performance, empower collaboration and improve governance across applications, databases, and platforms. By managing data properly over its lifetime, organizations are better equipped to support business goals with less risk.
  • Informatica Test Data Management is designed to meet the different requirements of any organization. Informatica Test Data Management is scalable and highly visual software that lets the IT organization define subsets of test data from production environments or a gold copy, with desensitized PCI, PHI, and PII data.

In Summary

There are a large variety of TDM tools on the market, and most will support a subset of the capabilities described above. And, to varying degrees, will support different data types e.g. Relational Databases, Non-Relational, Folders/Files, etc. Have a look around and choose one that best suits you.

If you have other suggestions for Test Data Management then let us know.