TDM Tools

Test Data Management Tools

Test Data Management Tools

Test Data Management is a broad topic, and different tools will deliver different Test Data Outcomes.
Below is a list of TDM Tools (or TDM Functions) that you would probably be looking to consider:

  • ETL Tools
  • Data Profiling / Discovery
  • Data Masking (or Encryption)
  • Data Synthetics / Fabrication
  • Data Subsetting
  • Test Data Booking

Other Tool considerations may include:

  • Data Access Management
  • Data Request / Approval Workflow
  • Data Virtualization
  • Data Mining
  • Data Validation

There are a large variety of TDM tools on the market, of which mist will support a subset of the capabilities described above. And, to varying degrees, will support different data types e.g. Relational Databases, Non Relational, Folders/Files etc.