Test Environment People

Test Environment Management People

In support of Test Environment Management, several crucial positions and responsibilities must be established.

These tasks are essential for the effective functioning of a Test Environment service.

Key TEM Roles and Responsibilities

Test Environment Manager

The Test Environment Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the test environment. This includes ensuring that the environment is properly configured and maintained and that all testing activities are carried out by company policies and procedures.

Test Environment Coordinator

The Test Environment Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all Test Environments are set up and configured correctly and that they remain stable and operational throughout the project. They will also be responsible for coordinating with the other Test Environment Managers to ensure that Test Environments are properly utilized and maintained.

Test Data Managers

Test Data Managers are responsible for creating and maintaining the data used in test environments. This includes both production data that has been scrubbed of sensitive information and synthetic data that is generated specifically for testing purposes.

Non-Production Enterprise Architect

The Non-Production Enterprise Architect is responsible for designing and implementing the test environment infrastructure. This includes provisioning and configuring servers, networking, storage, and other infrastructure components.

DevOps (TestOps) Engineer

The DevOps Engineer is responsible for managing the build and deployment process for test environments. This includes setting up Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines, writing scripts to automate environment provisioning and configuration, and managing Test Environment Management tools.

Test Manager

The Test Manager is responsible for ensuring that testing is conducted effectively and efficiently throughout the software development life cycle. They are also responsible for ensuring that adequate resources are available and that risks are identified and managed. Their quality success depends on their team having Fit for Purpose Environments.

Test Analyst

The Test Analyst is responsible for carrying out testing activities, such as creating test cases, executing tests, and reporting on results. They also play a key role in identifying and documenting defects. In many ways, they are the primary user of the Test Environments.

TEM in Larger Organizations

In larger organizations, there is usually more than one Test Environment Manager responsible for different Business Units (or Business Domains). Or there could be a hybrid model where there is an overarching (enterprise) level role, such as Head of Test Environment Management, and then domain-specific roles & skills.